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Heathcliff's Tale
 by Emma Tennant 
We are sorry to have to report that we have sold out of copies of Heathcliff's Tale by Emma Tennant. However, some of the specialist book dealers listed on the Ordering Information page should still have copies available for sale.
"Whether or not you accept all Emma Tennant's theories, as an imaginative response to Wuthering Heights her beautifully crafted tale is wonderfully engaged and engaging." - Lucasta Miller, Times Literary Supplement, 5th May 2005
"This ambitious novel . . . is a gothic tale . . . The language is Brontė-esque and, most importantly, this works well as a stand alone novel." - The Observer, 27th March 2005
"...it is an unalloyed pleasure." - The Scotsman, 2nd April 2005
"A provocatively rewritten Wuthering Heights." - John Sutherland, Financial Times, the 16th April
"Glorious... with astute satires on academic spats, as well as answering John Sutherland's question: 'Was Heathcliff a murderer?' " - Stuart Kelly, The Scotsman, 17th April 2005
"Whoever's life or work she chooses to embellish, Tennant always makes it work. She is one of the greats, one of the originals." - Sunday Herald, 17th April 2005
Featured in The Independent on Sunday!, 10th April 2005
"A must for Brontė fans" - Rebecca Fraser
"Elegant ingenuity . . . a treat" - Michael Holroyd
"Witty, intriguing . . . I couldn't put it down" - Elaine Feinstein

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