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End of Life Notification: Web Hosting


Dear Valued Client,


We are writing to inform you that your web hosting service will be retired on September 1, 2019. On that date, all services associated with your hosting service including web and email hosting will cease. We recommend that you look for an alternative service provider as early as possible to migrate your email and websites.


We understand that this is an inconvenience and are committed to working with you to mitigate any disruption in your business. GTT account representatives are available to speak with you at EU: +800 4683 7681 | toll free US: +1 833 884 1688 | toll free UK: 0808 101 3436 | CZ: +420 225 352 904.


Kind regards,


GTT EOL Notifications Team




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How to Switch Hosting Service Providers

Note: Some service providers provide migration services from your old provider (GTT) to their services.

1.    Choose a suitable new web hosting provider. Please consider the below:

a.    Type of OS (Windows vs. Linux) - it depends on the technologies your website requires.

                                      i.     EX: if your website requires ASP, MSSQL, MSACCESS or other Microsoft-specific technologies, then you will need to find a Windows-platform web hosting plan.

b.    Bandwidth and disk space requirements

2.    Make a backup copy of your existing website: download old account files.

NOTE: GTT does not have a backup of your website. Please ensure you have backed up your website prior to the EOL date.

a.    If you use,, and, you can download your existing content through FTP access as a backup, but you may have to re-create your web files with your new service provider.

b.    Check for missing links, site structure changes, and database errors.

3.    DNS changes and propagation.

a.    Once you have uploaded your web files to the new web hosting server or re-created your website, you can make the necessary domain name server (DNS) changes.

b.    The new DNS will take anywhere between 24-48 hours to propagate.


How to Switch Email Providers

  1. Once you have obtained a new service provider, setup your email accounts on the new server.

c.     Make sure you have a complete list of email accounts and passwords.

d.    Ensure to get all the access details to your new accounts with your new hosting provider.

e.    Transfer your domain name to the new service provider and update the settings to point email to the new provider. The new DNS will take anywhere between 24-48 hours to propagate.

Setup your email accounts in your application of choice (ie: Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail, etc). But donít delete your old account until you are sure that mail is fully redirected to the new hosting provider